Hi, anyone heard of topologytravel in Taiwan?


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I've checked it for you! i think they are fine!
it's up to you! meetrip's guides are from locals, you can't not tell what kind of guide you run into, and every local ppl has different special spots, just like a box of chocolate, you'll never know what kind of taste you get. on the other hand, topology travel makes everything in order, cause they just like an travel agent, and they won't tell you a secret spot it may only knows by local ppl!!!

Hi, Kerry, thank for checking up. We will be on our own for a few days in Taipei. Can arrange meet up in September? How to private message you? :)

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hi Miss Wang,

This is Peter from TopologyTravel. It is very interesting to saw your question here.

Yes, we are travel company but we are different form the other travel agent! We are here to make everyone Travel in Real Taiwan. Our design travel plan was made for sure you can visit as much as possible.

We design the travel plan to show you the real Taiwan.
We have some event you can join us during the weekend in summer.

We also customized travel plan if you need.


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