is it customary to always bargain at the night markets? are the prices marked up a bit? bc i saw cheap prices at taipei central mall underground... often cheaper than night market listed prices. so i was wondering why night markets prices dont always look cheap.


Stringio 昌儒
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You can bargain with seller.but once they recognize you as a tourist.they will mark up.but I think it is not serious in taiwan

Picture?1344519978 Kaitlyn
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Bree, the answer is YES. DEFINITELY bargain at night markets. The prices are DEFINITELY marked up a lot and in fact they often let you bargain it off. However, from personal experiences, I wouldn't buy any form of body or cosmetic products in night markets because they're not only over-priced (even though they tell you it's much cheaper then any where else), the products are often past expiration date.

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