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Which one is the best night market in Taipei? Shilin 士林?


Stringio Chia-yun
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I don't like 士林 night market any more, but I recommend the 通化 and 寧夏 night market! :)

The best for me is ShiDa Night market.

Stringio 昌儒
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Chin guan 晴光night market

I like the food in Raohe Street(饒河街)night market the best. Shida(師大)night market is good, too, with a lot of variety of food. Nanya(南雅) night market in New Taipei city has lots of good food, games and shopping as well.

師大night market will be good!!
People usually cannot find things to buy in 士林, but 師大night market. Also, there are lots of good forign resturants and small pub around 師大, will be a good choise for you.

I like Jiantan. I can arrange a tour for you if you are interested.

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