Do you have hot springs in Taipei? If you do,I would love to go!


Stringio 昌儒
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do you have any request?
such like budget,location?duration?
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You can take the MRT to New Beitou. There has one public hot spring near the library. A cheap and good one!

In TW, some hot spring allows people to wear swimsuit, which is impossible for Japanese, it's just culture difference, we also have some hot spring need to be naked. On 陽明mountain, you can find lost of restaurants offer their customer to spend time in their "澡堂" for free, only if you have meal there. It's naked but local. If you r looking for good view, you may try "春秋烏來". You can see lake & mountain when you enjoy hot spring.

Hi, so how much will the Beitou's Spring cost and will we be able to enter with swimsuits? or?

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