I want to go to KYUFUN(九份) with my friend.
Will you tell me how to get there from Taipei station?


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1. taking train from Taipei station to 瑞芳(Rueifang) station. Then transfer through 基隆客運(http://www.klbus.tw/). Or taking taxi!
2. taking train from Taipei station to Keelung(基隆) station. Then transfer through 基隆客運(http://www.klbus.tw/) .taking line-1013.

But you must aware that most people in these place, can’t say English or Japanese.
You could contact me if you need further assistance.

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Thank you for your reply!

Probably,we can go there by ourselves.
When I need your help,I'll send you a massage!


When u visit 九份, don't miss 阿柑姨芋圓, u can see the sea, mountain, and small city in once. Have fun there!!! Welcome to TW.

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