Hi, I never visited Taiwan before and I will go there with my family for about one week in coming June. If there is anyone that is Taiwan native and experienced in being tour guide, please contact me. Please reply me using english. Thank you


hi, alvita! what do you want to visit? I can be your guide!

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Hi Alvita, I'd like to recommend some places where are outside of downtown Taipei for you and your family to visit. like the ocean up north, the tea country up in the mountain...etc. feel free to contact me.

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hello alvita
welcome to taiwan!! where do u from?
i live in taipei now, i can be ur guide if u want to travel around taiwan!!

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Hi,Alvita~I'm not a very very experienced tour guide,but I've been arrange trips for my friends of HK~If u need help( ordering nice&cheap hotel,shopping...),u can tell me:)

hi i am in taipei untill 12 june. i am here for exhibition visit and business. i want to visit and explore tailei and nature beauties. anyone interestes to be friendly guide? send me your proposal asap at 0* 9*7*6*1*2*0*8*3*5 this is my local contact

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Best place to celebrate new year in Taiwan?,

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