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Hi I am going taiwan on dec, I would like to ask it is better to take taxi from Taoyuan airport to Just sleep hotel in ximending or book a van? The hotel offer NT2100 to fetch my friends and I to the hotel? It is very expensive? We have 4 of us


Hello Tan! Welcome to Taiwan!
Basically no need to take taxi from Taoyuan airport to Taipei city, bus can easily carry you guys to Taipei main station, while Ximending is only one station away from there.

For texi, a car costs NTD1,000-1,500
For bus, NTD125 per head

Besides, NTD2,100 for a room that can accommodates four people altogether would be reasonable price, there are of course cheaper ones, yet with concern of quality, I'd suggest to go for that.

Or maybe you let me know the name of hotel, can further check for you! Feel free to share your inquiries here Tan :)


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