Hi , need taipei / kaoshiung people help would like to ask how is the weather what degree/temperature 20Degrees ?lately going there soon!! so dun have to bring too much clothings


Recentlyits very hot in Taipei and I think that kaoshiung is hotter. I think today is about 27.28 degree. But the weather changes soon . When will you come to Taiwan?

Be coming on the 20th mar counting down can't wait to be there in XMD!!! Lol yea I saw the weather forecast its seems it is getting warmer lol especially today's weather is hot . What is difference between tapei city and new Taipei city?

for the weather, i think it will be no difference between the taipei city and new taipei city. and I am sorry that this afternoon, it became cool in Taipei city.

Then mmm XMD 西门町is consider new Taipei city? Thanks for ur wonderful reply n info

西門町 is considered taipei city~no thanks:)

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