Hi, i am from indonesian
can u arrange for us a tour around 8 days in taiwan , like sunmoonlake , taroko , alishan, etc... i go there with my family include old people...or do you have any suggestion?
will go there around 9dec-18 dec


Hello Chandra,
Nice to hear your tour plan with such adequate time that's of possibility to explore private resorts and various spots!!

I'm glad to help you out! But before the planning works get started, may I have few prior questions here:

1. Which airport would you arrive and depart?
2. Would you need accommodation arrangement as well?
3. Would you like to hire "car rental with care-taking tour guide driver" for those countryside trips?
4. Which part/city/town of Taiwan or famous resorts that you've already had in plan?
5. How many people and their ages in your group?
6. What kind of spots you may like to try, what type, style? Such as nature, city life, design, museum, cafe, etc..?

Please feel free to further correspond here or through my e-mail KiChiTo.Taiwan@gmail.com

Hear from you Chandra!

Best regards,
Daniel +886 952 688 076

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