Hi I planning for a week to Taiwan ... But I don know Chinese ... Do u have any suggestion?? I need a day for theme park... N lavender shop ... Which month will be a good time to visit taiwan ??



Theme part? Which one? Have you got idea about it? We have theme parks in south and north, even middle of Taiwan, not sure which part you are going to visit, you may need to decide your route first, then pick up a proper theme park to visit.

For lavender shop, I only can come up with a famous lavender restaurants below, well, it more tend to be a big park for couples or families.

Sorry, no English version, but you can check out the picture there and see if you are interested in. They have 3 branches in the middle and north part of TW.

As for the best seasons to TW, well, I think you can visit TW anytime you want, you will see different view in TW. Take the coming Winter as an example, we usually enjoy hot spring, have hot pot in the mountain, you may also see lots of Sakura in the specific places like Japan.


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