Hi, can I have some contacts (email) for a car and driver to bring my group around in different parts of Taiwan, like Taipei, Hsinchu, Nantou, Hualien etc in December ?. My group consists of 4 adults. 1 child and 1 baby. Thanks.


Hello Frank,
For the driving service, since you're coming with a 6 ppl group including two kids, it'd be important to choose a care-taking driver with kindness and great hospitality.

There are two ways to look for such candidates: (1)You may contact 台灣大車隊 https://www.taiwantaxitour.com/ and let them plan the transportation issues for you accordingly; (2)Find a trustworthy local friend who has connection with drivers and can recommend accordingly.

Feel free to leave your inquiries here, glad to help out! :)


Dear Daniel, Thanks. I will have a look.

Sure, Frank, feel free to let me know your inquiries, starting from the time I worked in Hong Kong, I'm actually doing tour planning and helping out on accommodation/transportation arrangement for my overseas friends for free, out of my personal interest.
If it's not too interrupting for you, let's further communicate here or through e-mail!

hello, I won't recommend "台灣大車隊"(a taxi company). Because I saw their driver's dangerous behavior on road several time. I'd like u to recommend this:


these company's car and driver are nice, the phone is here: +886-9-38136998

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