Hi, we will be arriving at Tao yuan international airport on 26 October at 6:00am....may we know what would be the best way for us to get to CityInn plus (Taichung station)? What would you recommend? Thanks.


u mean Taichung railway station? then u could just take bus(Kua Guan Bus) in airport, it would take about 2 hours.

Ok, thanks for your suggestion. ^_^

Since we will be staying in Taichung for 3d/2n, any interesting attractions which you could recommend to us before we leave for Taipei.

well, it depends on what kinds of site u like. First, u could check: http://www.hoteltravel.com/taiwan/taichung/guides/activities_sports.htm
such website to decide what kind of tour u would like.
Secondly, I have to say, in the downtown, there are only some shopping place, nightmarket, two famous museum, one beautiful university... that worth to visit.
Therefore, I much recommend u arrange some trip out of Taichung CBD. Then u could choose
1.much near site as some interested farm(bloom, cow, plants,etc...). About 1 hour traffic time per trip.
2. go to "Lugang Township" in Changhua County. It's a famous ancient trade port(sea) from Qing dynasty. There are lots historic monuments, and local special food. About 1.5 traffic time per trip.
3. go to some nature site in the mountain, as "Baxianshan forest recreation area" the beautiful forest used to be best timber. About 2-3 hour per trip.

Thank you, will check out the website. ^_^

yet, I forgot that u must go to "Sun-Moon lake", the most famous and largest lake in TW. Locating near Taichung downtown about 1.5 hour per trip.

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