Hi I am planning to go to Taipei in a week time, I will arrive in Tao Yuan airport at 6 am 14 Oct 2012. Because, I stay in apartment at simending, I was not able to put my luggage with them until 10 am and then check in at 3pm. Therefore, I am looking for a guide with car, so that I can put my luggage for a 1 day tour in taipei. Can you recommend?


Regarding your questions, you may try to find a local guild with car as you said OR..put your luggage in the locker at Taipei train station. Assume you arrive Tao Yuan airport at 6:00am, you may take 30~40mins to get clearance from the immigration. Then, you can take shuttle bus from the airport to Taipei train station. Assume you arrive Taipei train station around 7:30pm, you can have a breakfast there first and wait for the luggage room open at 8:00am or find the auto locker in the train station. Taipei train station is only 1 stations away from Simending. You can have city tour by yourself in that case.

Luggage room(台北車站行李託運中心):
Service time: 8:00am ~ 8:00pm.
It’s close to the East 3 exit of Taipei train station, 1pcs of the luggage only takes you 17NT.
1. Out from East 3 exit (東三門)
2. Cross the road and walk along with the walk path
3. See the parking lot sign and turn left
4. Find the luggage room

If you want to find the auto locker, you may check it with the staff in Taipei train stations. It will be expensive then the luggage room.

I'm facing the same situation as u for my dec trip. That's y I decided to book a cab. But the cab are not allow to pick me at the airport and I probably hv to arrange to meet him in Taipei to pick us up. If u keen to book I search the cab driver Hp no. It will be good if u hv frens in Taiwan to call him and arrange for u.

hey liting, thank you so much for your luggage room recommendation. But, one thing that I am concern is the safety. Is it safe to have the luggage being stored there?

hey paul, it's so frustrating isn't it? Although it is much cheaper to stay in a rented apartment but the consequences are not able to store the luggage with them immediately. But, I think I will re-schedule my itinerary and go for the luggage room at Taipei Main Station and go straight for hot spring at BeiTou or Wulai. I can check-in to those hot spring resort with private room where we can rest for a couple of hours. Then comeback in the afternoon to collect the luggage and check in to the apartment. So i think I don't need the contact no. for the taxi. Thank you. Have fun in Taiwan in Dec'12. :)


I personally think I am in a safe country. Ha. If you put your luggage in the luggage room, it is guarded by the staff in the train station, I never heard it lost based on my experience. If you put it in the auto locker, I think it has comparatively higher risk, but also, I never heard of anyone lost the luggage.

Actually, you can check-in in the early morning if you choose to stay with hostel in central Taipei. Anyway, hope you have a nice trip in Taiwan, any further questions, please feel free to let me know, I will try my best to help with.


U are taking Scoots? Which apartment u staying? Lucky Apartment ?

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