Stringio Ng

Hi, i will be visiting Taiwan from 15th April 2013 till 22th April 2013. I would like to know how should we (2 ladies) fully utilize our 7 days in taiwan. We would like to have shopping and sight-seeing. we are open to travel to other cities in taiwan.




Seven days is not enough to all famous scenic spots, but you could try to do some survey and pick up some places you r interesting in. In Taipei, you could do shopping and sight-seeing both, since we have mountain and see around the city, also hot spring. Suggest you reserve at least 3 days in Taipei. If you need more suggestions about Taipei, just let me know.

Outside Taipei, I have some rough suggestion to you below, they are all in the different cities though, just for you to get a picture of your travel. Once you decide which places you want to go, then I may be able to help you with it precisely if you have further questions on it.

South West of Taiwan:
1. (sun raise) (can be reached via high speed train + shuttle bus from Taipei)
2. Nearby Tainan which is one of the oldest city in Taiwan, food in Tainan is very

Middle West of Taiwan:
1. (cycling)
2. (about 1~1.5hrs from the sun-moon lake above)

East of Taiwan:
1. (gorge) (this is one of the Must-SEE scenic spots, but it is closed sometimes because of the poor whether)


Stringio Ng

Dear Liting,
thanks for the prompt reply. when is the best time to shop for summer clothes in taiwan ? and when is taiwan having sales for summer clothes ?

Summer sales...

sorry, I am not sure about it, we are not like HK has this kind of activities. For Taiwanese, we usually do shopping during Department’s annual sales, and different department stores have different on sale periods. From Sep~ Nov, I mean NOW…everything starts to be ON SALES. For Summer, I have no idea. Soooooooooo sorry.

Stringio Ng

Dear Liting, thanks for the prompt reply. I will be visiting taiwan from 20th april 2013 to 28 april 2013. Just to check with you, during this period will i be able to buy summer clothes and shoes? Because from my understanding is, taiwan sell clothes according to season.


I think it is pretty much depends on the weather then. Not sure if the summer clothes will be available then. Based on my experience, it should be available somehow, but may be not much options.


Hello Ng, about the summer suit. Actually u are right, most store's selling is in season. But maybe u could try to visit "Wufenpu"(五分埔), the biggest cloth whole sale market in TPE, there are many different choice. If u are interested, I could be with u at that time, for free.

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Stringio Ng

Dear Min Jun, thank you for your advise. If i am visiting around end of april, what season will be in taiwan ?

in TPE, there are some (small)rainy day about 20-25 Celsius. in Taichung and Kaoshiong about 25 Celsius, even more high...mostly, April is warm, u could take shirts and bring a light jacket. Except for the days as cold front coming, the temperature will down to 15-20 Celsius in TPE.

ok, I see that u're Singapore. So u best always bring a jacket at that time, because the weather in north of Taiwan is changeable, when some days are rainy and windy, u might feel that Winter comes again :p.

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