Hi! May I know what is the fastest way to get to Danshuei from Taoyuan Airport? I would like to spend my first night there. Thanks.


You can take shuttle bus from Airport to Taipei train station, and change to MRT (red line) to Danshuei. From Taipei train station, it takes u 40 mins to get Danshuei.

Is that the only way? Any shorter way via public transport?

I am afraid no, this is the best way i can come up with. Danshuei is almost northest part of Taipei, and Taoyuan is south, outside the Taipie...should be far. >"<

MRT will be the best way to Danshuei in my mine, it will be faster if to take taxi, but should be expensive. Sorry.

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Taking Taxi from airport to Danshuei cost you about 35 mins. IF you take bus back to Taipei, 45min, then take MRT to Danshuei, 45 mins.

I guess you arrive at the might flight, so take taxi will the fastest for you.

Thanks for the info. Btw, do you know what is the estimate cost for the taxi ride to Danshuei? I have 3 adult and 1 baby. Thought of taking taxi will be more convenient. Do you have any recommendation of hotel and food there? Thank you.

Lin p, 不好意思,因為我住淡水..桃園到淡水35分鐘,我想開車最快也是1高接64然後過關渡橋,就算半夜,35分鐘能到嗎?

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另外,機場,淡水,台北車站,是大約一個三角形的路程,直機從機場到淡水,會比先到台北火車站再到淡水還快! 是吧!


是啊..我就是有再開車,才提出我的疑問>"< ha~~ anyway

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我想應該是介於 800-1100 NTD,不過有時夜間會加成,要看你到的時間是幾點摟!

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回覆 Liting C.
那難道是我都開快車嗎? 明明還好阿!!!
哈哈哈哈 不然下次一起開到機場看看!

我住淡大附近 35分鐘我可到不了 我是獨生女 保命要緊


Hi Remeo, I suggest this taxi service for your survey http://www.taipei-taxi.com/, they may solve your problem for transfer from airport to Danshui...

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