Hi, I am planning for a week getaway trip to Taiwan from 25-09-2012..Will be landed at Taoyuan Airport.. This will be my first time to Taiwan.. Do you have any suggestions routine list includes which hotel to stay.. How much will be the price of the hotel.. Maybe 3 stars rated? And any places i should not miss.. Prefer free & easy.. as if join tour group, I afraid it might be very rush.. I prefer to see Taiwan in a very relaxing way... :-)


If you only have one week, suggest you to stay 2-3 days in Taipei, and maybe another 1-2 days in Hualien. From Taoyuan, you can take shattle bus to Taipei center city and change to MRT to somewhere else.

"Star Hostel" is a hostel my friends used to stay in taipei, very clean and nice, location is very good, just 700~1000NT per night. You can find Star hostel or some other budget hostels on "Hostworld" website (http://www.hostelworld.com/?source=adwordsbrand&kid=800001&aid=2&gclid=CP_6qLKWhbICFXBZpgod2mYAcw), remember to sort it by "ranking". Then, you will see lots of nices choices there. Also, you can find nice hostels located in Hualien from Hostelworld, I used to stay one named "Monkey ...somthing", it's only 500NT per night, and offer you free bicycle.

In Taipei, don't forget to have tea in 九份 and hot spring in 北投 or 烏來!! Thoses places cannot be reached via MRT, but bus, you may check it online or let me know if you need me to help provide more information.

In Hualien, you can try to join one day or half day river tracing tour (http://www.riverking.com.tw/english.html). Also, u will not want to miss Toroko national park (http://www.taroko.gov.tw/English/). There are lots of nice routes for you to explore. If you don't need to control budget, there is a 5 star hotel in the nationl park (http://www.silksplace-taroko.com.tw/), they also offer some budget rooms, not all rooms are expensive, especially if you arrive there during weekday. The hotel also originize some tours in the park, which is also good.

Hmm..I just back from Taiwan:)ximending is a gd place.riverview hotel real good n the service real gd too..u get a scenery of mountain n sea lik Sg flyer scenery

Thanks Liting for all your useful information.. I have already done some research for the hostel. Have reviewed the hostel comments, still felt that Star Hostel still a good choice. As they are located in Zhongshan N. road.. Do you know, near the hostel.. If want to go out to those place of interest, isit convenient? Like Taipei 101, Ximengding, Shilin Night Market etc. Maybe I would need you provide me more information for 九份, and Hot Spring. This trip is my very first getaway trip. So abit 紧张...

No worries, Star hostel located in a very convenience places, you can easily reach MRT station 10mins walk, it close to department stores and some restaurants for brunch and snacks. It is on the red line, few stations away from Shilin Night Market, even Danshuei is on the same line. And it one station away to Taipei train station, which means it is also very close to Ximengding. As to Taipei 101, it’s on the blue line, you could drop MRT at 市政府 station and get to 101 by walk. One the way to 101, you could also check out the Taiwanese famous book store “Eslite 誠品”. At that area, you could also find some nice lounge bars like “Barcode” or the bar in W hotel.

As for 九份, I check some solutions for people don’t have a car below, not sure if you can read Chinese, if not, it says you can either take train from Taipei train station to瑞芳train station first, then change to local bus to九份, or take bus No 1062 directly from MRT 忠孝復興station Exit 1. Personally, I suggest you to take train to 九份, and change to bus when you back. Then, you see different routes. When you are in 九份, must take time to have tea there, I like the atmospheres there very much, hopefully, you also like it. Apart from the tea, there is a nice local snack store, you can have fantastic view with very low cost. (http://takeshi0312.pixnet.net/blog/post/35731412-%E3%80%90%E4%B8%AD%E8%82%AF%E2%80%A7%E9%A3%9F%E8%A8%98%E3%80%91%E4%B9%9D%E4%BB%BD%E8%80%81%E8%A1%97%E2%80%A7%E9%98%BF%E6%9F%91%E5%A7%A8%E8%8A%8B%E5%9C%93)

As for hot spring, I use to go local one, not really for tourist, I will check it for you later.




BTW, if you only spend your journey in Taipei, you could try to survey those spots below, may be you will find somewhere you are also interested in:

1. 平溪/十分 (travel by train): http://www.wretch.cc/blog/pigbank/13866345 /

2. 陽明山: http://www.compei.com/ http://lmmgogogo.pixnet.net/blog/post/13609383-%E5%8F%B0%E5%8C%97%E4%BC%91%E9%96%92%E5%A5%BD%E5%8E%BB%E8%99%95%E2%80%A7%E6%93%8E%E5%A4%A9%E5%B4%97~%E9%87%8E%E9%A4%90%E8%B6%A3%E3%80%82

3. 象山 40mins Mountain climbing: http://lfat.pixnet.net/blog/post/10480898-%5B%E5%8F%B0%E5%8C%97%5D%E8%B1%A1%E5%B1%B1101%E5%A4%9C%E6%99%AF

4. Taipei city tour by MRT

A. 萬華(艋舺)+龍山寺(姻緣)  Old city and temple
B. 故宮+忠烈祠(看衛兵交接,忠烈祠比中正紀念堂走的長)  Museum
C. 碧潭 Relax and walk
D. 師大night market  Shopping and Eating (it’s good than 士林night market to me)
E. Afternoon tea in Taipei: Dazzling coffee or 好樣

I try to find some good hot spring which can be reached by MRT and Bus, few recommends to you.

Those tends to local one, I went there very often during the winter. They all offer hot pot or nice dishes, it will be good to have meal there. If you need some other high-level, expensive one in Hotel, please let me know.


Take bus from 石牌MRT station (it’s on the red line as your hostel), bus No. 508, 535, and 536 to “行義路4”. Get off the bus at “行義路4” station, turn right at行義路402 alley, walk 3 mins to the parking lot. They offer shuttle bus there.

*There are lots of different stores offer hot spring in that area, you can also choose what you like then.
*This is traditional one, you could bring your own tower or buy one at the counter.
*They run 24hrs every day, close every Tue 6:00am~10:00am only.
*They offer hot spring for public, request to have swimming suit, also for private room, like Japan


Same as 川湯, take bus from 石牌MRT station (it’s on the red line as your hostel), bus No. 508, 535, and 536 to “行義路3”. Get off the bus at “行義路3” station, then you can see 椰林on your left hand side.

*This is naked hot spring like Japanese, you can bring your tower. If you don’t want to be naked in public, you can choose private room.

Thanks Liting for all your informations. What about Taiwan High Speed Rail, will you recommend me to take it?

Yes, but it's only running in the west of TW, if you would like to stay some other places in west, it will be a good choose,it's nice and safe.

If you plan to go to the west side, 台南 will be the first priority to me personally.

hi, I''ve plan my trip to Taiwan too.. this s also my first trips to there... I''ve be the on October.. totally no idea with my trip... hopefully can get Urs advice... Any recommend of homestay??


how many days you will stay in Taiwan? plan to stay in Taipei only or you have plan to go to some other places?

If you are looking for hostel or hotel, you can check out the website "Hostelworld" I recommended to Vivien above. I personally recommend "Star Hostel", even though i am nothing to be related with them. If you prefer to live in someone's house, you may check out "Couchsurfing" website. Even Taiwan is a very safe country, I still suggest you to stay in hostel rather than stronger's house.

Let me know if you have further questions about thip!

tq. for Ur reply. I will be there from 12 of october till 18th of october. I've no idea actually. Maybe in taipei n 花莲。。

can I add u in my Facebook?? I found difficult for me to chat over here... very sorry for inconvenience cause.

can I add u in my Facebook?? I found difficult for me to chat over here... very sorry for inconvenience cause.

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