Anyone know what is the market rate to book a car/cab with driver per day in Taipei ?


I try to check it on website but see lots of different price as below.

To be honest, if you will only stay in Taipei, you can take MRT to almost every famous spots. Suggest you to take MRT in Taipei, if you want to visit some specific places MRT cannot reach, then you take Taxi instead. It will be much more cheaper then reserving a car and driver for all day long.

1. 10 hurs, 1688NT per person for 2 people; 1388 per person for 4 people...
2. 8 hurs, 4500NT per car..

Ok thanks. I have taxi driver offer me at 3500 for 8 hours during my trip in July . I will be going there in dec. to places mrt can't reach

Sounds like you'd prefer to visit the country side rahter than centeral city. It will be good, the charming of Taipei is we reach the mountain, or sea side, even hot spring within 1 hr from the city center.

Wish you have a nice trip!!!

Haa I will be exploring the country side in the day and explore the city in the night .

hi Paul, where do you get the taxi driver? May I know?

I got to know him during my july trip. U wan his contact no?

Can I have his contact too??

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