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i am going to taipei on 15-24 March.. how is the weather like? do u have any meeting for coffee and chitchat in the city? i am so excited to go to there... i hope i will meet new friend alot there//


Hi , this is Area. You can see this website , Actually March is spring in Taiwan. There is a slang . The weather is like step mother so changeable. http://www.cwb.gov.tw/eng/index.htm

Also there are thousands of coffee shops and chitchat in Taipei. You can find many of them when you come here.

Open-uri20130218-8106-egs4i1?1361154002 Fuchi
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welcome to taiwan !!
the weather is getting warm here!!
i can be ur tour guide!! tell me how to contact u when r here

Stringio Jia-Sian
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you may organize one and ask people to join, and it rains often now, be prepared.

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thank you for all answer :) i am really appreciated.. well, good idea for organized meet but, i don't know where the place is... ;) i am a new comer :)

Stringio 昌儒
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starbucks, or the exit of MRT station.
gather member and choose a place near it

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