Hi, can I know what is the cheapest 3G mobile broadband with phone call prepaid plan in Taiwan for 6 days in Taiwan?


Basily, U can find Wifi in almost all coffee shops and restaurants easily in taipei, also 7-11 offers 50NT a day WIFI services, even though u only can use it in 7-11, but in Taiwan, we have almost 1 7-11 per block, almost everywhere.

If you still need 3G, when you arrive the airport, you can find some shops about mobile phone. If you didn't see it, check it with information center. u'd better to have it done in the first place, since the salesmen in the city center may not good at English. >"< Sorry about it.

I know there are some packages below, 7 days for 450NT, this is from "Taiwan mobile". Not sure if they still offer this, u may check out it at airport!!!

1日型 100元 完整24小時無限連續使用 申租成功24小時內免費瀏覽 申裝
3日型 250元 完整72小時無限連續使用 申租成功72小時內免費瀏覽 申裝
5日型 350元 完整120小時無限連續使用 申租成功120小時內免費瀏覽 申裝
7日型 450元 完整168小時無限連續使用 申租成功168小時內免費瀏覽 申裝

Hi is it difficult to get prepaid sim card for iPhone?

No, i don't think so, i assume half of Taiwanese use iPhone, even Taiwanese 3G cell phone company is HTC...hahaha.

Every shops could help with it, they will cut it to fit iPhone, no worries!!

What if I bought the 50$NT wifi service from 7-11 can I still use the wifi service from the other 7-11 store? Or I can just use the wifi on one specific 7-11?

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