Hi, I'm looking for a hotel near to any train station ... Budget around 1000 to 1200 per day... Prefer 3 star and above... Pls advice


Taiepi train stations?
My friends used to stay in "Star hostel" at 中山 MRT stations which is only one stations away from the Taipei train station. You can check it from "Hostelworld" website. I am from Taiepi but use to stay there for 3 nights, it's very good!!!

BTW, soft remind you, there is nothing around Taiepi train station, people use to live somewhere close to the stations but in Taipei, it is not a good idea,中山 station will be much better!!!

liting was right!
is for real...and ur budget around...I suggest rise up more...under NTD1200 hotel in that zone was not much accept...

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