Hi, I'm planning a 2 weeks free and easy trip to Taiwan. Do u guys help to plan itineraries? Most keen in shopping malls, night market n hot spring:)


We don't have big shopping malls like HK, USA, Taiwanese like to go shopping in the alleies, our building is not tall, big, fancy, it's not our style. If you are interesting in shopping, try "Sinyi district", there are some shops are good.

As to the night market, usually, travalers go to Shihlin Night Market, but for local people, we go to NingXia Night Market for food, and go to Shida night market for shopping

For hot spring, depends on what king of hot spring you like, we have traditional one in 北投, also, you can find free one ther, and fancy one in the hotel in 烏來 and 北投

Thanks lots!!!

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