Hi all..I plan to go Taiwan by first week of October ,it's around 7 days in Taiwan .. I don know how to plan at all, because I'm alone .. Just love to discover Taiwan local food and photo shooting .. I don wan to waste my 7 days in bus or any transport .. All free and easy ..


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welcome to Taiwan!!!
Taiwan touches your heart :D
hope those can help you!!!

Thanks bro

I am planning to go to Taiwan too, quite a bit of places to go, here are some of my planning in progress http://qiito.com/travelogue/10747/taiwan-in-2-weeks-possible, you can take a look it might help... so far I have shortlisted Sun Moon Lake, Taroko National Park, Taipei but have not finalized yet

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well you can mainly stay in Taipei, there's the Northern c\Coast, the Jiu Fen old street, many night markets each offering different Taiwanese delicacies, shopping, Temples...

Thanks so much

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