Hi!! I will like to have a local tour guide on 9 July . i wanna eat Taiwan foods, visit night market, see tourism objects like national museum of history,national palace museum, presidential office buildings. If anyone interested, please tell me :) . thanks


Stringio Jet
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hello, welcome to taiwan. how long would you stay in taipei?? i can show you around. let's discuss abt it!!

about 7 days ,, but in taiwan i'll atend a symposium on 3th July until 8 July and i'll free on 9th July before i go back to Indonesia at 10 pm. do u have any emails? So i can contact you later. :D

do you have detail itinerary can share with me? I am planning but need more recommendations hehe

Hellow I lai, from malaysia.i plan to have a trips 11day 10night in taiwan in middle of July. Can I have anly plans were to go? Tq.

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