Female Khushali





difficult 2 describe..smtimz m like a sappy moron,n smtimes m so off-stated dt i feel ol sore inside,lik i wana curl up awayevry1 else..
ppl say i hv a prettyquirky sens f humour,most of da time m superbright intellectually bt almst geeky,ya m cool wd it..
i like 2 hng out wd my pals ny or say evrytime...hv big weird brain,prodded wd stupidity n s lik n empty baloon wen m hungry or sleepy..!cn also upset ppl due to my dumb ya smtimz cncluding m a gr8..js bldy brilliant..!!

Work and Education:

  • Prolime Host · Working · Dallas, Texas · present to present
  • ㈱デンソー
  • St. Mary's Convent School, Ujjain · Class of 2009
  • Pushpa Convent School · Class of 1999
  • Ujjain Engineering College

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