Female Johanna

Floridsdorf, Wien, Austria




This profile is my private nonprofit promotion for my temporary online projects and for my texts on monotheistic spirituality.
I don't play FB-games and don't use FB-apps.
I like to play with pictures, texts, videos, music, links and by interacting with you here - you're welcome for these!
jona(h) li
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jona(h) li: born and living in Europe, Austria, Vienna; graduation in Psychotherapeutic Propaedeuticum 1996; Reformed Protestant Lutheran, study of Protestant Theologies as specified in the conditions of study at University of Vienna until 2001 – not graduated, congregational Lutheran lecturer until 2007; concession in social coaching and life counseling 1996 – 2002; lecturing within the scope of the concession; 2001 to 2007 authorized for protestant education at elementary and middle school; 2007 until 2012 in the WorldWideWeb; travelling Borneo, Sabah 2012; meeting people; taking part in creating a livable today and future world. -
I am a Global Citizen.

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