Male Henry

Singapore, Singapore



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i need a break ...

chearful, happy go lucky, always help friend. always care
for ppl.soft heart easy to give in. know how to enjoy life because life is short. Hate ppl that look down on me and those who make use of other ppl. hate greedy people.i also like lion dance and i'm also in lion dance troupe.Loves to go backpack and one day i knew that i will put down all the things in singapore and backpack for 1/2 year to see the world!

Work and Education:

  • 天鹰龙狮学院 Tian Eng Dragon And Lion Dance Centre
  • كلية البحرين للمعلمين (BTC) · Class of 2001
  • Bedok North Secondary School · Class of 1997

Offering Activities

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