Male Alvin Chua

Hengchun, T'Ai-Wan, Taiwan



Language: 中文, English, Bahasa Malaysia, 中文

Inner Me 内在:
Since young, I came from a poor and broken family. Parents had divorced before I turn 3. Because of this void, I turn to alternatives in feeling that maintaining a connection with my roots & heritage are very important to me. I strongly believe entities like origin of my surname (Chua/Cai 蔡) & where my ancestors came from (China, Fu Jian 中国,福建) is important to me. Given a poor family background and lack of proper upbringing, I became a delinquent at 10. Had changed for good later on and was deeply motivated and inspired in life to believe in working and study hard is very utmost important. I believe in beying loyal, devoted, & sentimental to people or things who are dear to me. I am especially true-blue my country, Singapore and strive to feel the same for my future love. I am a Republican Nationalist, my political belief is Republicanism (共和主义) & I believe its 5 principles: Freedom (自由), Democracy (民主), Fraternity (博爱), Justice (公正), Equality (平等).

Outer Me 外在:
I love helping others in need & hope to spread kindness wherever I go as such I dedicate some of my time to the community as a volunteer. I valued human virtues & moral ethics, thus I am deeply attracted to the Chinese Core Values: 忠孝仁爱,礼义廉耻. I try to live a honest life, wielding integrity and honour as I grow along. Towards females, I learn to place emphasis on chivalry (being a gentleman). I am average looking, not photogenic, short in height (1.63 M) & average size in weight (63 KG). Have poor fashion sense, my dressing style is I am in street wwear and casual wear most of the time. I will only turn to smart casual or formal wear when the occasion require such dress code. My sense of humour is light hearted, witty & sacarsm type. I had traveled to Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand. Would like to travel to Vietnam, Japan, China, UK, USA, Australia, Taiwan, France, Vienna & South Korea in the future.

Intelligence & Abilities 智慧本领:
My tested IQ level is "above average". My thinking is based more on feelings, intuition, personal experiences & prejudices rather than reason or logic. I am empathic & would love to listen to others, for I am a sensitive listener & deeply interested in & care for a person's feelings as a trained paracounsellor. I am drawn to gaming, music, history, politics, poetry, culinary, philosophy & information technology. I love to play the position of "point guard" in basketball, my skill is just average. I used to play the piano and I am at ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) grade 3. I had also accumulated mahjong playing experience & techniques since 1995. I am also a trained First Aider since Oct 2011.

Romance & Emotions 感情:
Had 2 relationships before and I still seriously believe in true love and love is patient. To me, every day should be valentine & every day different kind of romance should awaits. Sometimes I feel I can be romantic to the extreme, sometimes I m just dull like a black & white TV.. My tested EQ level is "average". I am afraid of controlling my emotions for I don't know how to express or when to unleash or keep them. As such I may seem like an introvert at times but I am actually open to all things and people. Overall at large, I am optimistic, cheery & humorous most of the time if you name it. Though I am still prone to anger when I am provoked or dropping my precious tears when watching touching movies or dramas & reading sad love stories.

Gaming & Online
I carried with me 10 years+ of guild management experience and leaded/manage 9 guilds til date. Had also written a short text of 'Online Gaming Guild SOP' dedicated to future Guild Master/Leader wannabe. Founded an online gaming community known as 'HClique' in January 2010. Had also serve as forum moderators in a couple of forums which include Maple Global, OZ World Singapore, the most prominent of all was then Mediacorp Communities Forum.

Goals & Ambitions 目标志愿:
- To find true love.
- To earn a first degree.
- To get married and start a family.

Others 其它:
Codename: respublica
Callsign: resp

Work and Education:

  • SIM University (UniSIM) · Class of 2015
  • National Community Leadership Institute (国家社区领袖学院), · Class of 2009
  • Cristofori Music School (歌德音乐学院) · Class of 2006
  • Bedok View Secondary School · Class of 2002

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