Male Tae

Seoul, Korea




Loves to sleep more than anything in this world. I feel sorry for my hard working Korean students. I sleep more than they will ever in there lifetime if you were to do the equation. I hate bratty kids that don't put effort. Try is all I ask and I am cool. If you don't listen I am gonna kick you out of my lesson and or lecture. I have already had two students quit on me. Which I shouldn't do anymore if they don't listen. I literally told them don't ever come back. And they sure didn't. Anyhow, I love Jesus, Hanna, Ian, Ivan. Reason I only put them for now and not other important people...due to the fact, they are the only ones that have shed their own blood to keep me going!

Work and Education:

  • United States Army · Airborne Infantry · Colton, California · Apr 2007 to Dec 2010 · Wanted to serve my country in battle...I HATED it but it was an honor fighting for my country!
  • United States Air Force · Civil engineer/Security forces · Channel Islands Beach, California · Oct 2003 to Apr 2007 · Highest paid position...I enjoyed the most as well!
  • UMUC · Class of 2011
  • UMUC Asia · Class of 2011
  • Gahr High · Class of 1998
  • Cerritos High School

Offering Activities

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