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Life is not about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.

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  • 한화 · present to present
  • 성균관 · Class of 2003
  • 여수 · Class of 2000

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It is my first experience of meetrip.
If you consider Nguyen The Hien as a guide for HCM, please read my review and think seriously.

The day was bright. She arrived at promised place just on time.
She is so trustworthy. Everybody knows that good timekeeper is always reliable.
We had to say good-bye in early time because she already had another appointment on the evening.
Actually it was so sad. I didn't know what to do in HCMC.
That was my first time at there without any plan!!T_T..
Anyway the point that I would like to tell you about her.
Yes. she is kind of dependable open book.

After simple greeting, she asked me. 'How much do you weight?'I thought 'What the?? It is the first time. Why she asked my weight?? It is so~~weird'.
But I realized.
She would take me to someplace by her bike.
Safety is the first. She knows about that and consider about that.
Eventhough first time, she thought about my safety!! Of course including her and her motorbike.
Actually that was the first maybe..Haha
She is kind and thoughtful. But you'd better lose your weight for your health and safety!

And we went to the postoffice, church. Sitting Down Park.
I will not talk about that because you'd better hear from her about that.
I do not want to take your chance.
We sat and chat.
She is talkative. But good listener too.

We just sat and chat with coconut and live songs in bright day.
I didn't know the Vietnam song. So, she told story about the song and translated the lyrics for me.

Any topic would be a interesting thing if you talk with her.
She can find every attractive point from anything.

After sit we walked and met the event.!!
Free Beer Event!! We could drink free Bia Sigon and cheap but delicious foods.
Yeah you can catch the point.
She brings you the luck.

And we went to the market.I forgot the name.That was interesting to me too.
She taught me before, 'Don't buy anything in the first shop for the wise shopping Blah Blah~~'
How wise she is.
But, she could not denfense herself from the impulse buying when she saw the good scarf in the first shop.
But I could. I could stop her with her sentence.
How humane she is.

She bought a note which cover was my constellation. Scorpion.
And gave me that as a present.
I was so moved.

We went to the cafe. That was lovesome too. I would not talk about that too in the same reason as like upper.
But that place is the definitely stunning.
I cannot forget the name of the beverage that I drank at there. Forest Foll Potion.
Take a rest with cool beverage and samrtphone game. Candy Crush Saga
We palyed together as like a well-known friends. We just yelled Three Four Five Five Five~
And now I am in the 50 stage of that game give me the heart!!
Oh return to back. Anyway!! Do you feel that mood too? She is so people person.

Ah I forgot. We went to the war museum.
She is so smart. Well know about the history of the Vietnam.
I could learn from her not only history but also many things about Vietnam.

Food for dinner was great and chip too!!!

It is hard to write all of that day with her.
just one day. It was glamorous also gorgeous,fabulous,marvelous.
For summary let me check the praise for her in my sentence.
Trustworthy, dependable, thoughtful,talkative,good listener,Great,wise,humane,people person,smart.

At the first, I told you think aoubt seriously.
Did you catch the point?
If you be with her you would have unforgettable memories of Vietnam and it will bother you without erasing.
And make you back again to Vietnam.
If you do not care about that.

Do not hesitate.

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