Finding out heritage of Seoul. 1
Finding out heritage of Seoul. 2
Finding out heritage of Seoul. 3
Finding out heritage of Seoul. 4
Finding out heritage of Seoul. 5
Finding out heritage of Seoul. 6
Finding out heritage of Seoul. 7
Finding out heritage of Seoul. 8

Finding out heritage of Seoul.

Do you want to visit traditional places in the middle of Seoul? You don't have to take a bus or subway, just take your sneakers and let's walk through the Seoul

Map-pin-grey Seoul, Korea

About Activity


1. Bosingak Bell(Giant bell you can try to ring/let me know at least a week ago to register it)
2. Insadong street(traditional-modern mixed street full of souvenirs and custom shops)
3. Jogyesa temple(religious monks and Buddhist's prayer place, beautiful temple)
4. Palace(beautiful old palaces and museum)
5. Gwanghwamun plaza(great spot for taking pictures, doing caligraphy your name in Korean)
6. Cheonggyecheon Stream(which flows through the Seoul leaving fresh sound of water)

1. Bosinggak Bell(12:00)(15m)
:Every 12 o'clock, citizen can try to ring the bell or just watch it.
2. Insadong street(12:30)(1h, 15m)
: having lunch and sightseeing some souvenir shops or cosmetic shops.
3. Jogyesa temple(14:00)(30m)
: sightseeing gorgeous temple and its religious scene of monks and Korean Buddhists
4. Palace, meseum(14:45)(1h)
: sightseeing Gyeongbokgung which Kings of Joseon dynasty had lived
5. Gwanghwamun plaza(16:00)(20m)
: trying to write your Korean name by yourself with brush
6. Cheonggyecheon Stream(16:30)(30m)
: walking(or watching) along the stream with nice tea, throwing wish coin

Only Saturday.
11:50 will be desirable if you want to listen(try)the ringing bell :)

Meeting Point:
Jonggak station exit num 4

Price Includes:
palace entrance fee, beverage(coffee or tea)

Price Doesn't Include:
lunch(let's split the check :) / it will under 15$), my kindness( it's for free if you are kind person like me :))


: US$60 / Person
: Seoul, Korea
: 5 hours

Ask to Seung Jae

About LocalHost

I'm a reliable and friendly guy. I know how you feel in the unfamiliar city. I'm sure that I can make this city as friendly and familiar as your own city :)
I like walking through the nature and eating yummy food. I don't like complex city life and noisy people. That's why I made this schedule. :) you can find out peace in the middle of this metropolitan city.

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