Language: 日本語, English

► About Yourself
-I am a Japaneses student, commerce major, 22years old, was born and grew up in Osaka.
I love to learn new things through meeting and talking with other people. I always want to challenge myself to do new things.

► Favorite
- Sport Soccer,Futsal, Thai boxing, Table Tennis
- food Japanese food - Udon,Takoyaki Okonomiyaki
Thai food - Khao ManGai, Ko Muu, Khay Yaan
- Country Japan, Indonesia,Laos and etc
- Activity Travel, Exercise, Jogging, Listen Music
- Booking Business Books

► Your best travel experience
- Traveling luang prabang, Laos and Bali

Reviews about


Takuya, he's a super nice guy and really kind.
I'm working with him and from same university in Kyoto.
He's smart and a good English speaker.
So I think he would be your great host or traveller:)

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