Male Jun

Yao, Osaka

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Language: 日本語, English

Hi there,I am Jun from Osaka Japan.
I love Osaka,so I'd like to introduce good spots in Osaka.

I love traveling abroad,I've been to many countries.
During trip,people were very kind to me,they greatly helped me a lot.
And now,I'd like to be kind to tourists who visiting Osaka.

I can speak English and,I use English on work and private on a daily basis.

I love Japanese culture/Boying/Surfing/Movie/Music.

Thanks and see you then!

Reviews about Jun


It was really great hanging out with Jun. We were late due to waiting time at the Kansai airport arrival and he was very accommodating about it. We had yakitori izakaya which was delicious and made fun memories while drinking and eating. We didn't have enough time to fit in our original plans of karaoke, but he did reserve a room for us, as well as showing us how to use the remotes. I would definitely recommend him! Thank you so much Jun!!

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