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My name is Taleshi Hamano.
I am a web director in Osaka.

I have been living in Osaka since I was born,for 35 years.
So I know Osaka well.

What do you like?
Japanese Comics or local food or temple or shopping or movie and so on.
There are anything in Osaka!

I'll go with you wherever you want to go in Osaka .
There many tourist spot and a lot of fun places in Osaka,for example , Osaka castle ,Tsutenkaku,USJ.
I am anything OK!!

What dou you want to eat?
Sushi,Okonomiyaki,Yakitori,Takoyaki,Kushikatu, Which one do you want to eat?

There is Japanese local culture in Osaka, which is anime.
Do you like anime?
I know anime , I had watching since childhood.
If you like it,I recommend the Nihonbashi.
The Nihonbashi is famous place as anime's culture.

Whatever you want to do , leave it to me!!

I wanna make friends all over the world.

Let's enjoy travel with me!!

but I have w work on weekday , so i'm afraid that it's difficult to accompany you to explore on weekday.

Anyway I promise that you guys enjoy so much and experience unforgettable memory together .

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Dotonbori Tour!

Price: US$10

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I spent two awesome days with Takeshi. He showed me everything around Osaka I was interested in and recommended me some stuff I missed. We also visited an amazing local festival where I was the only foreigner. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to have a fun time.

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