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Sake Breweries Tour in Kobe

Visit local breweries and tasting freshly made Sake

Map-pin-grey Osaka, Japan

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We will welcome you to sake tasting tour. Explore of three my favorite breweries and a museum of traditional pickles made by sake lees in Nada, Kobe.

I'm passionate about sake and I’d like to share with you the process of sake making, comparing different kinds and brands of sake, and enjoying with tasty snacks that would perfectly match with our selected sake.

You can taste the difference of sake, the most high quality, unfiltered, unpasteurized and many other seasonable sakes!

We'll enjoy a coffee at the meeting place cafe in the morning. Let's have a coffee or tea.
Starting a tour get to know each other in relax mood.local lunch at one of my favorite spots before drink alcohol.

We move to Kobe by train.

We'll enjoy a local lunch at one of my favorite spots before drink alcohol.

We visit the special brewery. This brewery founded over 250 years ago. They still make sake without mass production. This is the one of the smallest brewery around here! If you want to buy souvenir a bottle of sake at Izumi brewery. You will get 500 yen discount because my friend works there!

I would like our guests to get to know the production method, while getting a feel of the deliciousness by actually tasting freshly made sake.

Finally we visit innovative brewery which makes Brandy sake, Sherry sake and Citrus fruits sake!


Meeting Point:
Lingua World Cafe, Metro Tanimachi 9 chome, Osaka city

Price Includes:
Welcome drink
Fresh Sake Tasting

Price Doesn't Include:
Transportation under 1,000 yen
Lunch at local restaurant 500 yen to 1,000 yen


: US$60 / Person
: Osaka, Japan
: 6 hours

Ask to English For Osaka

About LocalHost

► About Me
- I am originally from Nara, but have been living in Osaka and providing guides to experience the deeper parts of Japan for several years.

► My Hobbies
- Sport, Movie, Food and Drink.

► My best travel experience
- Backpack tour around the world in 2013 ~ 2014.

I’m Seigo. Nice to meet you.

I was born and raised in Nara. Nara is an old capital of Japan! When I was 15 years old, I moved to Kyoto for high school, and came to Osaka for university.

In my family, there is my mother, big brother and grandmother. My mother lives in Osaka and my big brother just came back from a backpacking tour. My grandmother lives in Nara. Once a month I go back there to see her and to eat her food. In my eyes, she is the best chef in the world.

My hobby is playing soccer. I like playing and watching it. In 2014, I went to Brazil to watch the FIFA World Cup games. It was a great experience.

I have two part time jobs. First one is making Yakisoba noodle in the food truck. Yakisoba is grilled noodle with Japanese sauce and the second job is taking care of elderly people. I just started up my own small business, it’s called ''English For Osaka''. It's a guide tour for tourist in Osaka and English event for Japanese. I want to make a place where Japanese and foreigners can meet and make friends in Osaka!

My personal goal is to run my own company and expand English for Osaka around Japan. It’s an idea for tourist to enjoy traveling in Japan. I want for Japanese people to be more open minded, speak more English and learn from different culture.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

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