I planned to visit osaka alone. but never had information about language and culture. so now I curious if I could book schedule with a local guide. also how much must I pay for it?


Stringio Mami
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Sorry for the late response but when are you coming to Osaka?

My journey to Osaka is still long time 6-7 nov

I don't have idea about language and culture, but I look you will much help me

Hi, im going to osaka in june, where do you recommend to go?

Stringio Ah

Hey Mami, i am going to osaka at mid august, will you be free those days and show me around?

Stringio Mami
5 activities

Please send me a direct message when you want my answers and check my schedule, thanks :)

Hi Mami, I will be going to fukuoka. Is it possible to show me around fukuoka? And what is your email? Thanks.

Hi Mami,
I will go to Osaka on 20/12 with my 2 sons. I booked your tour in the apps. The date I booked is 20~21/12
20 4:30
21 11:00am.
And what is your e-mail?

as until now, still cannot receive any reply from u, I feel disappointed.pls do cancel my booking. I hope can join u visit next time if have chance.
pls help me t cancel booking on 20~21/12/2014

hi Mami..
ARe you available tomorrow 4 Jan 2015… I am here @ osaka and plan to have like 4 - 5 hrs tour from morning.. as I have to attend a concert @ 5 pm ..

hi Mami are u in osaka 19-20-21 april this week? (2015).

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