Hi, I'm an American student travelling to Okinawa next month.
Even though it's cold, I want to go to some of the beaches. Which ones do you recommend?


Hi Grace! I'm not sure when you posted this question, but I hope I can help. The island is beautiful all year round with fantastic weather, even I'm the winter months. A lot of the beaches are closed until April, but there are few that stay open year-round. I'm more familiar with the central beaches and the only one open year round is Sunset Beach in American Village. You can always go off to explore other parts of the island with more remote beaches, if your looking to sun bathe. But if you go off to a secluded area where you want to be in the water, make sure you bring/buy proper foot wear. This can be very important. There are a few year-round beaches up north as well, but honestly the water is too cold for a dip (at least for me it is). Good luck and I hope you enjoy your time on the island!

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