Female Bubba

San Pedro, Laguna



Language: English

...."I always speak the sweet truth...", that's my personal affirmation. I am candid, impulsive, impatient, generous, curious, open minded, athletic, independent, optimistic, intelligent and symphatetic. I focus on such philisophical issues as the meaning of life, the relationship of an individual to the sorrounding culture, and the ties we all share despite of differing cultural heritages. I aim high and aspire to a great heights. Bold, zealous, determined and combative, I am quick to decide, act and speak. My mind is constantly running ahead, I am also high tempered and blunt. Never still and seldom dull...... I never seem to lose my child like sense of fun and make friends easily. My natural predilection to independence means that any relationship must be first rooted in a strong and unconfining friendship....and I am willing to take the risks....

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