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i'm yuuki cross of vampire's night

I love music.. specially K-pop,. and I also play instruments like piano,violin,lyre and drums and I also like drawing and cooking^^ I do this kinds of stuff when I have a free time..and also i love pastry and chocolate^^ mmmh... I love to hung out with my friends,go.. shopping.. I'm a student right now...and a business woman too... actually it's very difficult to do same thing but when I'm on it,I don't know but I feel so great and it make me so happy^^ hahaha and I enjoy it 100%. I think it's because there's many people that support and guide me like may family, friends and co- worker^^ hahah i'm very thankful for them love you Ol guys...mwuah...I love taking pic. of myself LOL:).....i'm a cheerful person or maybe not^^ hahaha friendly and mabait but I have a limit too depends on the person that me that way hahahai love chatting with my friends,I love collecting some stuff :P if you want to know more about me.... fill free to my guest we can talk personally and hung out sometimes ^^

Work and Education:

  • UNO_unlimited network of oppurtunities · Distributor · Apr 2010 to present
  • Blackbeard's Seafood Island · present to present
  • Angono private high school · Class of 2008
  • Siena College Taytay · Class of 2008
  • Angono Private High School (APHS)
  • Siena College, Taytay

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