Female Aeyieh





abOut me..
well I'm very simpLe type of a girL...
I am happy and cOntented tO whatever in my Life..
I'm a God fearing and I am very prayful..
My only sOurCe of strenght is GOD... whO Loves me uncOnditiOnally and guide me..

I can Live w/o anybOdy but I cannOt imagine my Life w/o GOD..
I'm very dependent on God and I'm gLad and cOntented on it bcOz I am bLessed...

peOpLe adOre my smiLe, my styLe and the way I am tO them..

Im very friendly and I am vOcaL to whatever I feel in shOrt I'm frank and I'm hOnest..

My life is an open bOok.. im nOt an aCtress but my Life is open tO everybOdy..

I was often misjudged by other people and they dOnt know that what they see is never aLways what they thing and what they get..

I know my grOunds and my limitatiOns..
I know whO I am and I dOnt need everyOne tO be pLease if they dOnt Like me then fine..

if they Love me and Like me the way that iam then thank you..

I am whO I am and I Love being me cOz God is there fOr me..

And I dOnt need tO change just tO please sOmebOdy..

i love whO i am and i stay tO what i think i am...

and i l0v victoriascret and nike addidas..many more..

hate me, love me then its up tO u...

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