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This is him: <br /> .. A hopeless romantic still in search for someone compatible with him. He is a complicated guy still on a journey to find his purpose in life.<br /> ...He is the one person who easily makes up his mind but is not firm. He is always hesitant and a control freak guy. He wants whats best for other people's point of view even if it often gets in the way of his interests and perspective.<br .<br /> He is the liberated kind of guy who is open to exploring things others may find explicit and or off-limits. He lives by the principles of knowing everything to be everything. He yearns to be accepted for what he is and loathes self centered persons.<br /> ...He hates being outdated, ignored and especially rejected. He suffers from depression and self pity when this happens. And shit happens when this occurs.<br /> ...Not weird, he'd rather call himself random. He is eccentric and insanely delusional.<br /> ...Two-faced King: One wants to be just himself--an easy going guy living an easy going life doing whatever he want whenever he wants without consent to others. the other self is a guys of thriving dreams, a hardworking guy for the family and for himself.<br /> ...He loves his family, his friends, and himslef more than anything and anyone else in the world.<br /> ...He is real.<br /> <br /> <br /> MORE ABOUT ME :<br /> When I was once a child, I view myself as a shy-type of person, afraid of bein rejected,unconfident in exploring my world and not so sociable at all. but now,im Proud to say that Ive conquered my fears! Hahaha!Now I grew up,matured enough to make you wild and crazy over me.

all those years

I'm Iriel ( and I was born in a Zodiac sign of Pisces).
I'm not here to impress you. I've been on the space for far too long and I know that I'd be wasting my time if I wanted to do that.
I'm not scenester. I'm not bro ho. I'm not punk. I'm not gang banger's boyfriend; I'm not Goth King or Emo gay master, I'm not Rich kid either Mr. Popularity.
I'm just me. I dress how I want, I do my hair how I want, I wear clothes that I want.
Don't label me. If you've got a problem with that, then you can just shut up or go somewhere else.
im a hustler in this world games. I am addicted to movies and music that have sense or can captivate my emotion, meaning can make me smile or say “aww, wow”. I explore photography, arts, and specially shoes but I'm no hypebeast or sneakerhead. My family is my life. I'm constantly changing something about myself, I never content. I won't be until I'm where I want to be, and I know exactly where and when that is.
Sometimes I am hypocrite; I sometimes don’t look at the people around me when I’m walking, I am not snob, it is normal to me. I get curious easily if something struck me, and for sure I will ask something about it.

I am the liberated kind of guy who is open to exploring things others may find explicit and or off-limits. I lives by the principles of knowing everything to be everything. I yearns to be accepted for what i am and loathes self centered persons...I hates being outdated, ignored and especially rejected.i loved photography..And yeah f*ck you! if you hate me.

And if you hate me ?well.. i don't care .. you better shut up,or else just go home and burn your houses .. F*ck to the people who's insecure to me . !!

Work and Education:

  • Prince Sultan Cardiac Center · Member · Riyadh, Saudi Arabia · Oct 2011 to present
  • Prince sultan cardiac center · Staff · Oct 2011 to Oct 2011
  • Informatics · Class of 2007
  • Computer College
  • luzon national high school
  • Informatic Technological College of Davao Oriental Inc.
  • LNHS

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