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most of the time people misjudge me bein'a "snob" when the truth is, i'm a type of person that you can be go crazy with. i'm a constant skeptic.for me to see,is to believe.(always seeking for concrete basis). i usually go out for a gimmick each and every weekend. I'm more of a party monster. Special occasions like birthdays, holidays or sometimes huge events trigger me to go out and party. Apparently, events keep n coming almost every single day.

DANCE(tis is something that i do carelessly).and you'll notice me frustratingly collaborating'(singing)with the music w/c i'm groovin'.

I'm a FUN Loving person. I'm not that picky when it comes to venues, as long as there's food to nibble and beverage to sip.i'll be freakin' okay with that. I do love going out. I'm very adventurous and always seeking for an excitement.

i EL OW VEE E hugs, It makes me feel special. I often cuddle those people who are close to me. It's my one way of telling a person that -i'm glad that you are here.and you can count on me. I creed that the most precious lessons will be learned thru experiences. Being with my friends s an almost each and every day activity. Aside from my family, they inspire me, pushing (lit. and fig) me to not stop until u reached that goal. Sharing each others dreams is something really makes my heart smile. Everything that i am aware of now were derived from what I've experienced. Nobody influences me nor i cud dictate what i want my heart should feel. I, im all about transparency. Yes,i, like any other normal people lie. And if i do it'll definitely show.

I hate people who hate their mother.

Impertinence is something w/c i do not allow in my rampart.

Work and Education:

  • Greenwich Pizza Corp. · Assistant Store Manager · Makati · Jul 2009 to Jul 2011
  • Lyceum of the Philippines University · Class of 2009
  • Grant's Apostolic Institute · Class of 2004

Offering Activities

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