Female Diana

Malolos, Bulacan




a cool headed,heartless & icy person,I hate what I hated, I like what I liked,.. I don’t have the capacity to smile at something I hated . stubborn, cruel, odd,hard headed, cold hearted, unpredictable. im extremely difficult to control when angered and is exceptionally vindictive,.

nOt aLL pEopLe cAn undErstAnd d wAy i am, sOmE mAy hAtE mE,whiLe sOmE wiLL LovE mE, bUt fOr aLL oF thiS, i stiLL LovE thE wAy i am, cOz i dOnT wAnt tO prEtEnd aS sOmEonE, jUsT tO fLatTer eVerYonE..

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