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Ayala Museum Tour!

Map-pin-grey Manila, Philippines

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Stroll around 10 malls in makati and visit the museum to know more about the people. I'm a traveler, I know why museums is so important. I've been to a lot of museum in Asia. In makati this is the only museum that I strongly recommended. I do some reviews too. I am available Monday and tuesday only since I have a regular job. :)


: US$15 / Person
: Manila, Philippines
: 2 hours

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Pure Filipina. I am a dreamer. I am brutal if I need to be FRANK. I am HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY, so please be that kind also. I love to read novels. I preferred it to be English Novels (Sheldon, Sparks, Neels & Harlequin Mills and Booms). I drool over WESTLIFE, Channing Tatum and Ian Somelhalder. I am God-centered, but not really a good one. I do things for experience and for fun but I do rightful things.
I love singing even though I am a TERRIBLE singer. I grew up singing mostly boy band groups songs.
I love:
-My FAMILY, FRIENDS, butterflies, dogs, sun & sand, beach, seafood’s, photography, coffee, books, leche flan, vacation
- I love TRAVELLING a lot.
I am not grumpy, I am not a Snob as other might say. I am jolly, always smiling and full of energy. I like helping needy people. I trust people easily, but once it’s broken you can’t return it back or have it back. CH00SE YOUR FRIENDS WELL (just an advice). I’ve been played and break, but that’s how I learn life.
Enjoy life to the fullest, don’t let other control your life. Be the BEST. We only have ONE chance to live this life, so get the best of it. Be happy, be contented and let them pissed/bitched on you. Don’t stress on them, don’t let them won the game they played. Karma always strikes more than they can ever know.

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