Taal Volcano Tour! 1

Taal Volcano Tour!

Map-pin-grey Manila, Philippines

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I will take you to famous taal volcano in Tagaytay.

>Tagaytay Picnic Grove

This picnic grove is a wide park with a view of the Taal volcano. Families can sit back, relax, and fly kites. Horseback riding and zip line rides are also available for a fee.
>Sky Fun Amusement Park
One of the newest attractions. There’s a carousel and a Super Viking ride (think Anchors Away in Enchanted Kingdom), but the main attraction here is the Sky Eye, a ferris wheel standing 63 meters tall. It’s the tallest ferris wheel in the Philippines!We will take a ride inside one of their 32 air-conditioned gondolas for P150 per person.


: US$15 / Person
: Manila, Philippines
: 3 hours

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