See the Wonderful Palawan Underground River 1
See the Wonderful Palawan Underground River 2

See the Wonderful Palawan Underground River

Map-pin-grey Manila, Philippines

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Have a tour in the wonderful Palawan Underground River (the site belongs in the New 7 Wonders of the World). Taste the majestic cuisines, meet friendly locals and explore the city's divine beauty.


: US$50 / Person
: Manila, Philippines
: 6 hours

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35 things about me

1. My real name is MARK ANGELO after St. Mark the Evangelist, that's why i really love to write
2. I was once a volunteer dental health assistant.
3. I am a great-great-great grand nephew of MACARIO SAKAY
4. I was born under the sign of Leo at 5:59pm.
5. I'm an extrovert.
6. I tried theater acting when I was in high school.
7. I used to be 110lbs. My weight range is now at 190-200lbs.
9. I'm a semi-huge Harry Potter Fanatic.
10. I started schooling at the age of 7.
11. I love the song Ordinary Days by Leon Jackson, thanks to a friend who introduce it to me. It was the attitude one should wear upon breaking up.
12. I like doing stupid things but I don't like stupid people.
13. When I Get Where I'm Going by Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton is my liturgical theme song.
14. I played poker with John Estrada once, wasn't a good player though. trash talker.
15. I killed two puppies when i was a kid.
16. I am a very sentimental person.
17. I wish I can be a MENSA member.
18. At night, my pillow is my best friend.
19. I plan to be a pesco vegetarian but I can't resist the taste of meat!
20. I'm easily taken for granted. But I'm a fighter.
21. I love to eat much more than to cook.
22. I cant sleep in my room without an electric fan (di ako maka air con eh, ang mahal).
23. I forgot to write something in number 8.
24. That I got a 1 in a very hard Filipino subject in college.
25. In our high school yearbook I stated "to be a lawyer"
26. Death Note is the first manga i read.
27. That my favorite viand is inihaw na bangus at chicken pork adobo.
28. I workout regularly but still got flab.
29. I like gael garcia bernal films. Love him. seriously.
30. I just recently learned that I can float in water, and that I know how to swim.
31. If I win the lottery my first agenda would be to climb Mt. Everest.
32. I'm an acrophobic, but I'm a mountaineer.
33. My colleagues and I became the champion in Game KNB? for 5 consecutive days (see pix attached, lol).
34. There are times that I believe in my daily horoscope.
35. My favorite country is the Netherlands, aside from legal grass and clits, i love to see tulips and windmills.

Thanks for sharing your time in reading my blurbs. Want to know me more? Just hit the right buttons and fire out those questions.

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