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Hi, I'm from Vietnam. My friends & I will travel to philippines from 28 Apr to 01 May. Our group (8 persons)need ur advises about the hotel (cheap & safe), food and any suggested places to discover philippines for those days. Nice to make friend and many thanks advance!


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Hi sir we would like to offer our packages, just see our page and facebook account.If your interested you may reply on this. Thank you!!!

Hi Anh! It all depends on what you want to do. There are options for trekking, beach, surfing, historical tours, etc.

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tks cessie, we have planned to visit Vigal , would u suggest any hotel for u to stay 1 night..tks very much in advance.

You mean Vigan, Ilocos Sur? I've been there once in July 2012. We only had a day trip and spent the night in Pagudpud. Calle Crisologo (Crisologo St.) is the main attraction. There's Cordillera Inn and Ciudad Fernandina. You can read more info here:

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are u looking for hotels in manila too? tune hotels are good and cheap

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tks all for your advice..u make my trip better..

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