Do you know anywhere cheap and good to stay in Manila? I'm coming to your country for 2 days. Do you have any recommendation?x


Check out this hotel : it is owned by a local airline company :)

2 Naoj
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if you wanna see a low budget but nice place you can go to malate manila, coz there's alot of hotels there in a very cheap price. Be safe and have a bon voyage! :D

Stringio Charley
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Yes there is.... motels in the metro that range from $2 to $ 6 a night. but when you really dont want to spend that much.... I can accomodate in our house the thing to share is food. If you would like. I am near to the Manila International Airport. Hope to see you soon.. :)

Inquire here

Malate Manila has lot to offers regards to a place where you can stay.

Stringio Mark Angelo
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Our place is open for tourist. Its a simple house within manila. It's actually my parents house but we open it for tourists. I can even tour you around Manila during your stay. .

Stringio Adoracion
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I know a place inside Intramuros where you can stay for a few days during your tour which is cheaper then hotels or motels in Manila.It's a very secured place and very accessible to all your needs.I'll accompany you during your tour,if you like.Hope to hear from you soon.

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