Hi I am Japanese traveler :) I have never been to Manila. Where is the best local spot you do recommend in Manila??


Intramuros is one of the sites in Metro Manila. You can also visit Paco Park =)

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Jherson is absolutely right. You could visit one of historic place in manila which is Intramuros and you could try to book a 1day educational tour with bunch of tourist. You could also try to visit Manila Ocean Park which is same thing as Singapore's under water park and after there you could take a walk at the "baywalk" just along the roxas boulevard and watch the sunset there :-) or if you have enough time try to look inside the national museum i guess foreigners are allowed to enter the museum as well.

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Konnichiwa, Gaku. If you are referreing only around the metropolis, Intramuros is the best local Spot. aside from manila it self there is another local Spot you will Enjoy. and that is in tagaytay. not far from the Airport and it will take you 2 hours from the airport. Hope to hear from you again. ;}

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In Boracay .
Beaches In Philippines and I think Zubic :)

if you are actually just looking in within the metro Intramuros is a good tourist spot and nearby historical sites like Rizal Park

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There are lots of hiden wonderful places in Manila. Hotsprings in Laguna, Intramuros in Manila, hills and Falls in Rizal, and many more. .

try to visit Taal volcano and hundred island in pangasinan..a nearby province.. :)

Intramuros is the best place to recommend where you can really experience something unique in Asian countries. Manila ocean park, Rizal Park are some of the sites adjacent to Intramuros where you can walk for few minutes if you're into walking.

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The best tourist spot in the metropolitan Manila is the historical Intramuros.Inside Intramuros you can see Fort Santiago,the Manila Cthedral,the San Agustin Church and other historical sites in there.Adjacent to Intramuros is the Luneta Park,the Manila Hotel,the famous Ocean Park.If you want to go shopping,you can go to Divisoria,the cheapest tiangge in town.I can tour you out there if you like.See you.

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