Japanese lunch with Japanese 1

Japanese lunch with Japanese

Would you like to try Japanese food with local Japanese and discover more about Japan through Japanese eyes?

Map-pin-grey Kyoto, Japan

About Activity


We will visit Japanese restaurant with me. Please let me know what kind of food you would like to try. I will book the restaurant and dine together. Please cover my expense (transportation from home, food and drinks) of the day.

It may take around 2 hours.

Please ask me for the availability

Meeting Point:
Either at the restaurant, station or your accommodation.

Price Includes:
only meetrip service fee

Price Doesn't Include:
food, drink, transportation


: US$5 / Person
: Kyoto, Japan
: 2 hours

About LocalHost

I accompany your trip. I plan a trip (including each time duration & each cost) for you, I book hotels/tours/activities for you, I give you information you look for, I be your emergency call receiver etc Let me know what you look for.

So far, I have been hosting friends from italy, france, china, russia, japan, america etc and walking or biking around the town near my home. I love traveling new countries by myself, knowing different view towards living life! Traveled 35 countries mainly by backpacking.

NOTICE: I am happy to help you to plan Japan tours by asking your preference. As I wil be contributing time for you, I will need to charge some for this. Please give me a message with what kind of service you need. I will let you know the fee upon your detail. Minimum charge 5 USD.

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