Enjoy! Culture in Kyoto  1

Enjoy! Culture in Kyoto

Map-pin-grey Kyoto, Japan

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- Summary
I can guide popular culture of Kyoto.
Temples and Shrines are very wonderful. The fact is known throughout the world.
But,there is more appeals of Kyoto. I want to present you.
Example...Cafe(There are a lot of Cafes in Kyoto),Bakery(People live in Kyoto eat a lot of bread most in Japan),Shop of used article, A market in temples(this market is very famous,but tourists don't know),Fashion and lifestyle shop...
As you know, Kyoto is very traditional city. But,that is not all.
Kyoto is very very flexible. So culture of Kyoto are fresh and polished.

- Schedule
1.Please tell me place you want go. Temple,shrine,cafe,shopping...anything is OK.
2.I coordinate.
3.Let's go and enjoy Kyoto with me. I teach fresh culture of Kyoto to you.

- Meeting Point
anywhere in Kyoto

- Price includes
coordinate and present

- Price doesn’t include
price of eating and drinking,and admission fee.

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: US$33 / Person
: Kyoto, Japan
: 3 hours

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About LocalHost

I live in Kyoto 10 years. Because,I love Kyoto.

Kyoto's special place...cafe,bakery,movie theater,flower shop,restaurant

Recommend for tourists...Kamogawa river,Kenninji,Tofukuji,Myoshinji,and more!

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